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19th January 2024

Robotics and Gamification

The education landscape is witnessing transformative changes, prominently through the integration of robotics in classrooms and the rise of gamification in learning. 🛠️🔬 Robotics: Hands-On Learning for Tomorro...
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17th January 2024

Biometric Technology in the Workplace

In the ever-evolving corporate world, biometric technology, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, is reshaping HR management. This innovation offers efficient solutions to traditional challenges while spar...
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15th January 2024

AI in STEM Education

As 2024 unfolds, Artificial Intelligence 🌐 is not just reshaping technology; it\'s revolutionising the way we approach education. Let\'s dive into how AI is shaping the future of learning and explore the latest trends...
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01st January 2024


Welcome, 2024! As we turn the page to a new year, let\'s keep our focus on the exciting challenges and opportunities ahead in the world of STEM. 🛠️🧪 This year, we continue our journey of innovation, exploring ...
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12th December 2023

The Brain Drain

In the tech world\'s evolving landscape, a new phenomenon, the \'Brain Drain\' conundrum, is surfacing. 🧠🔄 Are the UK\'s tech hubs, especially Cambridge and London, losing their allure due to the rise of remote wor...
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05th December 2023

Popcorn Paradox

In the labyrinth of artificial intelligence, we\'re grappling with a fundamental question – Are we equipped to accurately measure AI\'s intelligence? 🌐🔍 🧩 Analogical Reasoning Challenge: AI\'s prowess in an...
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23rd November 2023

The Power of Saying ‘NO’

In the high-stakes world of project management, saying \'No\' might just be the most underutilised tool in a PM\'s arsenal. 🚫🛠️ While project managers are often celebrated for their problem-solving skills and ...
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21st November 2023

The Multitasking Mirage

Project Managers, are you truly multitasking or just spinning your wheels? 🤹 It\'s time to debunk a popular myth. Multitasking is often glorified as a superpower. But, what if it\'s actually your kryptonite? 🦸...
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17th November 2023

Mastering the Startup Pivot

The essence of startup agility is encapsulated in the masterful pivot, turning potential disruption into a strategic advantage. The transformation from Burbn to the social media giant Instagram is a classic example—not...
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