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05th December 2023

Popcorn Paradox

In the labyrinth of artificial intelligence, we\'re grappling with a fundamental question – Are we equipped to accurately measure AI\'s intelligence? 🌐🔍 🧩 Analogical Reasoning Challenge: AI\'s prowess in an...
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23rd November 2023

The Power of Saying ‘NO’

In the high-stakes world of project management, saying \'No\' might just be the most underutilised tool in a PM\'s arsenal. 🚫🛠️ While project managers are often celebrated for their problem-solving skills and ...
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21st November 2023

The Multitasking Mirage

Project Managers, are you truly multitasking or just spinning your wheels? 🤹 It\'s time to debunk a popular myth. Multitasking is often glorified as a superpower. But, what if it\'s actually your kryptonite? 🦸...
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17th November 2023

Mastering the Startup Pivot

The essence of startup agility is encapsulated in the masterful pivot, turning potential disruption into a strategic advantage. The transformation from Burbn to the social media giant Instagram is a classic example—not...
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15th November 2023

The Gig Economy

In a world where the gig economy is rapidly expanding, the traditional 9-to-5 job is becoming more of a relic than the norm. Flexibility is the new currency, and freelancers are the modern-day bankers. But is this shift ...
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13th November 2023

Is AI Unintentionally Racist?

It\'s an uncomfortable question, but one that can\'t be ignored any longer. As startups weave AI into the fabric of society, the thread of bias weaves with it. But who\'s to blame when the technology we trust perpetuates...
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10th November 2023

Redefining Product Management

AI isn\'t just changing the game; it\'s reshaping the entire stadium of product management. Let\'s dive into this revolution: 1️⃣ Data-Driven Insights: AI\'s ability to process massive data sets has supercharged c...
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08th November 2023

India’s Tech Triumph

Did you know? India isn\'t just joining the tech race - it\'s setting the rhythm! 🚀 Lunar Chronicles: India\'s celestial ambitions are bearing fruit! Their moon rover recently unearthed the presence of sulphur on t...
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06th November 2023

Harnessing Technology

In the dynamic world of business, leaders and visionaries are turning to technology to shape the future and redefine success. Here\'s how to tap into this potent mix for genuine transformation: 1️⃣ Data Dive: Embr...
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