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We fill a wide range of science jobs including: Product Manager, Account Manager, and Applications Scientist. Whether you’re looking to work in the scientific sector, or you need to fill a scientific vacancy, we should have a conversation.


Technology roles we work on include: Product Analyst / Manager / Owner / Director, Technical Presales Specialist, and Technical Account Manager. Is that you? Or is that the person you need to find? Either way, get in touch to discuss what we can do.


We match the right people to engineering job titles such as: Application Engineer, Product Manager, and Sales Engineer. Whether you’re a candidate or a client in the engineering sector, let’s talk.


In the mathematics sector, we mostly deal with data, AI and machine-learning roles, finding people to work as Solutions Architects, Product Managers, and Technical Account Managers. Can we help you find a mathematics job or fill a vacancy?


What makes us different

We occupy a narrow, important, and unique niche. As STEM specialists, we match candidates to customer-facing software roles, especially in start-up and scale-up businesses in the UK, North America, and Western Europe. Even more specifically, many of our clients make a positive impact on society and have a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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19th January 2024

Robotics and Gamification

The education landscape is witnessing transformative changes, prominently through the integration of robotics in classrooms and the rise of gamification in learning. 🛠️🔬 Robotics: Hands-On Learning for Tomorro...
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17th January 2024

Biometric Technology in the Workplace

In the ever-evolving corporate world, biometric technology, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, is reshaping HR management. This innovation offers efficient solutions to traditional challenges while spar...
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15th January 2024

AI in STEM Education

As 2024 unfolds, Artificial Intelligence 🌐 is not just reshaping technology; it\'s revolutionising the way we approach education. Let\'s dive into how AI is shaping the future of learning and explore the latest trends...
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