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A career in science allows you to be part of an industry that is continually evolving and shaping the world we live in. With constant discoveries, there are countless ways that you could be part of it.


Each of us interact with some form of technology during our daily lives. Whether you are passionate about the development, testing, sales or marketing of new software applications, or emerging technology, we help you utilise your skills.


The engineering sector is in high demand of talented staff. If you are qualified in, or have a genuine passion for engineering, there is a way for you to be part of it.


With many industries utilising data more than ever, analytical and numeric abilities can be used in many career paths within a growing number of sectors.


Why choose Interstem

At InterSTEM Recruitment, we know how crucial it is to find the right opportunity when looking for a new job, that is why we get to the very core of what makes you tick, what makes you smile at work, what frustrates you and what you need in order to feel that sense of achievement.

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19th October 2021

Building the talent pool your business needs

What is a talent pool? Simplified, your talent pool is your database of potential job candidates. Those included within this database are usually of a high calibre – highly qualified and engaged, having previously e...
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20th July 2020

One Small Job Move, One Giant Career Leap

July 20th marks the 51st Anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 Moon landing. During the 60’s and 70’s NASA embarked on nine separate missions to the moon, with six of the nine actually achieving the desired outcome of la...
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07th July 2020

Hiring for the future, why focus on the past?

Just because you haven’t done it, doesn’t mean you can’t. In today’s quick-win society, it is no longer always reasonable to expect a promotion simply due to length of service. With the average duration of emp...
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