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Job Ref: PM-SEP23

Project Manager 

Project Manager 

London (Hybrid) 

£60,000 – £80,000 

Machine Learning Consultancy 


Our client, an industry-leading automation and machine learning consultancy, is looking for a dedicated, collaborative and experienced Mid / Senior Level Project Manager who ideally leads, and also executes range of technical projects across areas within Machine Learning, Automation and Venture Building. So you’ll be an internal member of our multi-functional delivery team, whilst working in collaboration with the Developers, Founders, Partner Engineers, Designers, and finally, AI Researchers in order to help defining result-oriented solutions for customers.   

This office is based in London, and the role is a hybrid setup (80% remote; 20% on-site). This is a good opportunity for those located in London, or even from surrounding areas (commutable to London). The selected candidates would sometimes still need to travel for in-person client meetings, or staff socials or even sessions like seminars or brainstorming.  

Responsibilities of the Mid / Senior Level Project Manager 

  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously, alongside dealing with different engagements with stakeholders.  
  • Managing and coordinating the teams working on projects at different project stages like designing, discovery, development, and launching.  
  • Having hands-on working expertise while dealing with engineers, designers, developers and the QA team to test and deploy web applications, algorithms and custom platforms.  
  • Collaborate in selecting the right technical solutions for customers in accordance with our Technology Head.  
  • Effective management for project risks and timelines, while ensuring confident communication with the stakeholders, and keeping the customer updated on the project.  
  • Managing the project commercials, and also supporting legals as prescribed by the Account Director or council.  
  • Planning for the strategical growth of accounts, and reporting any risks for accounts.   
  • Encouraging and developing strong relationships with team members, as well as customers.  
  • Helping customers through solutions to problems, and explaining opportunities for future project collaborations.  
  • Collaboration with the sales team for identification of various cross-selling opportunities, while also creating proposals.  

Skills and Experience 

  • More than 5 years of experience in project management, and must have spent time while working in the technology sector, or even consulting companies.  
  • Must have experience in waterfall and agile development, while also having the expertise to choose best possible strategy in accordance with the demands of the project.  
  • Have dedication and determination to adjust in a fast-paced atmosphere, particularly like a typical startup environment.  
  • Have ability for effective collaboration whilst working aside multidisciplinary, talented and diverse team.   
  • Have enthusiasm for giving suggestions and ideas from start till delivery.  


Project Manager 

London (Hybrid) 

£60,000 – £80,000 

Machine Learning Consultancy 

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