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Job Ref: PM-AUG23

Product Manager – Healthcare

Product Manager 

New Jersey Area – Remote 

$65,000 – $75,000 + Benefits 



Our client is seeking a Product Manager to aid their continuous growth and innovation in the healthcare sector. The Product Manager will be responsible for developing the company’s portfolio, and identifying the gaps in the market for innovation. The primary objective is to increase demand for the company’s recently launched services and develop new ones. 

Job Summary 

Because of the frequency and range of contacts with colleagues and external stakeholder, the candidate’s ability to work effectively with others is crucial. This requires product management skills or similar expertise, developing commercial capabilities, and strong materials-based technical skills (preferably with a background in Pharmaceuticals or OTC formulations). The successful applicant must be goal-oriented and eager to spend time in the field collecting first-hand market information and growing commercial potential.  

The Product Manager’s role is to assist other teams in gaining insight from their dealings with consumers and the market. 


  • Own Product Management 
  • Identify market gaps by field and desk research 
  • Understand product offerings and match current / build new ones to high-value market needs. 
  • Create business strategies, including investment plans 
  • Engage in field-based commercial efforts to recognise genuine consumer needs 
  • Work collaboratively with sales team 
  • Be extremely visible in the marketplace, including client meetings, conferences / seminars / webinars, and speaking as an expert 


  • Bachelors in material science, chemistry, chemical engineering, or similar fields 
  • Experience in the healthcare industry 
  • Curiosity about customers’ companies and marketplaces 
  • Business inquisitiveness 
  • Client interaction abilities to obtain information 
  • Work as “one team” to tackle internal or external difficulties 
  • Superior writing and spoken communication at all levels 
  • Ability to write succinctly and often on market insights, offering colleagues a clear meeting perspective
  • The post will be field-based, preferably in the US and require extensive travel 


Product Manager 

New Jersey Area – Remote 

$65,000 – $75,000 + Benefits 

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