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Job Ref: PM-AUG23

Product Manager


Our client helps biotech, biopharmaceutical, agriculture, flavour and fragrance corporations, and academic not only to discover, create, and optimise commercial compound design but also provide solutions to healthcare industry to improve treatment for the lethal diseases. Their R&D department is one of kind and offers researchers a chance to develop new technologies autonomously. 


Job Summary 

Ideal applicant for the Product Manager post, will be the face of the company and play a pivotal role in meetup with existing and potential clients. Their passion-driven presentations and effective communication skills will inspire the clients to discover new drugs. They will also collaborate with consumers and developers to determine the most imperative features, prioritise them, and bring those features to the market. Along with commercial team, they will participate in developing the business models and tactics that will accelerate widespread adoption of company’s software. They must be comfortable for on-call visit to the office located in Cambridgeshire, UK. 


Main Responsibilities 

  • Design, deliver and advertise under given budget and deadline 
  • Integrate new design and beta-testing of UI/UX, error-free functionality of the software 
  • Supervision of the product lifecycle 
  • Standby and contribute to company’s software business 
  • Prepare how-to-video content, presentations, and white papers to help customer in drug discovery 
  • Demonstrate the software usage to the clients and investors 
  • Provide technical support to existing customers 
  • International travel for customer care, educational seminars, and corporate events 



  • Must have clinical research experience in computational drug discovery and biomedical chemistry 
  • Wide-ranging protein-targeting and therapeutics expertise 
  • Similar computational biochemistry software usage experience 
  • Comfortable speaking online to small and large audiences 
  • Self-motivated and Effective Speaker 



  • Flexible working hour 
  • Incentive compensation and pension 
  • Healthcare benefits 
  • Life insurance 
  • 25 annual leave + Bank Holidays 
  • Outstanding learning opportunities 
  • Free parking
  • Cycle-to-work Scheme
  • Healthy social activities 


Product Manager 

Cambridgeshire (Hybrid) 

£50,000 – 60,000

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