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Job Ref: BI-JUNE24


London (Remote)
£42,099 – £50,585

InterSTEM is delighted to offer a position for a Bioinformatician to join a prestigious core data science team in the UK. This role is crucial for enhancing data access, training, partnerships, and boosting data science capabilities across various neurodegenerative research scales.

Role: Bioinformatician
Location: London, UK (with national programme interaction)
Salary: £42,099 – £50,585 per annum including London Allowance
Contract: Until 31 March 2028

About the Role:

  • Develop, maintain, and run data analysis pipelines.
  • Manage various stages of data lifecycle including processing, curation, and management.
  • Collaborate with researchers and other bioinformaticians to standardise processes and ensure high data quality.

About You:

  • PhD or equivalent experience in a scientific discipline related to biomedical or health informatics.
  • Proficient in informatics techniques, data management, and programming (R, Python).
  • Experience with workflow management tools like Nextflow and Snakemake.
  • Committed to supporting high-quality research and able to operate independently and collaboratively.

Our Client’s Mission:

  • The team is committed to fostering a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and empathy.
  • Positioned at the forefront of neurodegenerative research, contributing significantly to global scientific advancements.

This role offers the opportunity to engage in ground breaking research and contribute to a significant national informatics programme. For more details and to apply, please contact InterSTEM. Join a team that values diversity and is dedicated to making impactful scientific advancements.

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