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28th July 2023

The Power of DE&I

#DiversityAndInclusion #Equity #BusinessGrowth #DEIInitiatives #BetterTogether

Companies cannot afford to overlook diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) even during the toughest of times. A recent Workday survey found that 75% of European HR and corporate leaders have a dedicated DE&I budget, with 90% implementing initiatives for continuous improvement. 💼✨

Pulling back on DE&I can harm employee retention and business success. Research shows diverse companies outperform peers financially. Gender-diverse executive teams have a 25% higher likelihood of above-average profitability, and top-quartile ethnic and cultural diversity leads to 36% higher profitability. 💪🌍💰

Companies with “two-dimensional diversity” are 45% more likely to capture new markets and 70% more likely to grow market share. To succeed in DE&I, companies must embed it in their core cultures, starting with leadership’s example and nurturing an inclusive environment. 🌟🤝🌈

Setting realistic and measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is vital, assigning ownership and maintaining accountability. Pragmatic KPIs should reflect the commitment to diversity and industry-specific considerations. 📈🎯🔍

Strategically embracing DE&I protects businesses, employees, communities, and the economy. Let’s champion diversity, equity, and inclusion for better business results and a brighter future. Together, we can create a more inclusive world. 🌍💼🤝


#DiversityAndInclusion #Equity #BusinessGrowth #DEIInitiatives #BetterTogether

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