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18th July 2023

The Low-Code/No-Code Revolution

#LowCode #NoCode #CyberSecurity

Beware developers, the low-code/no-code revolution isn’t all sunshine and rainbows! 🌈🌦️ With the immense surge in demand for low-code/no-code platforms, we’ve seen the rise of ‘citizen developers’, bringing about a huge shift in the way organisations operate.

🌐 Low-code/no-code solutions are predicted to be the main application platforms in over 50% of medium and large-sized organisations to automate and integrate processes.
🔥 The worldwide market for these platforms is valued at nearly $15 billion and is expected to quadruple in the next five years.
🏗️ These platforms allow 70% cost savings and setup times as quick as three days, compared to full-scale IT modernisation which can take years.
💼 About 66% of developers either already use no-code or plan to do so in the next year.

However, these solutions also come with potential security risks as they create connections between an organisation’s core systems and third-party applications. For developers, this demands an evolved skill set: not just building and integrating, but securing too. 🛡 Clear security policies and guidelines are essential. The low-code/no-code revolution comes with tremendous growth and, with it, the need for evolved developer vigilance.

Devs, are you ready for this challenge?

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#LowCode #NoCode #CyberSecurity

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