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04th July 2023

The Ascend of Rust

#RustProgramming #FutureOfCoding #TechTrends #InterSTEM

🔥 The ascend of Rust, the programming language everyone’s talking about.

Born from the frustration of Graydon Hoare, a 29-year-old computer programmer tired of software bugs and crashes, Rust was designed to make compact and fast code without memory bugs. Fast-forward 17 years, and Rust is the king of coding languages! 💪💻

This wonder language is now used by 2.8 million coders, and tech titans like Microsoft and Amazon have taken note. Even the US government is promoting Rust for more secure processes! 🌐🔒

What’s behind Rust’s meteoric rise? It promises the power of languages like C and C++ without their vulnerability to memory bugs, a headache that has been responsible for 70% of Microsoft’s code vulnerabilities! 😱🐛

Rust’s success is already visible. Discord sped up its system using Rust, Dropbox leveraged it for file syncing, and Cloudflare processes over 20% of all internet traffic with Rust. When Stack Overflow conducted its annual poll, Rust has been the most “loved” programming language for seven years running. 💖

If you’re a developer looking for your next challenge, mastering Rust could be a rewarding investment in your future. Watch this space for insights into this evolving programming language. 👀🎉

#RustProgramming #FutureOfCoding #TechTrends #InterSTEM

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