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11th March 2019


Having been on both sides of the hiring process it’s rare to find someone as personable and diligent at following-up as Gerald. Gerald was with me every step of the way through the hiring process, he opened regular lines of communication to make the whole process as transparent as possible. Knowing where I was became vital as I juggled several opportunities at once and ensured that all parties were on the same page making it much easier for me to make a decision. Gerald conducts himself and the entire recruitment process with inspiring professionalism, taking the time to understand the technical software industry; what’s needed from candidates, what they offer and how those align. It was a pleasure to be a part of the process and I would highly recommend him to anyone in search of new opportunities and businesses looking for a recruitment consultant that’s responsive and offers new ideas.

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23rd November 2023

The Power of Saying ‘NO’

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21st November 2023

The Multitasking Mirage

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