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11th March 2019


Writing as a client of Gerald’s, I can say Gerald is exceptionally good at his job, a very enthusiastic, positive, and friendly person. He made sure I was always in the loop at every step, often going out of his way to help me find a new career. Unlike some other recruiters who try to push you down a certain avenue, Gerald encouraged my open and honest feedback on potential roles, quickly finding suitable roles. Within no more than two weeks Gerald got me final stage interviews and offers with companies and roles that were exactly what I was looking for – I couldn’t ask for better fits. He also negotiated on my behalf an excellent package that I was very pleased with, at a place I’m really excited to work at. There is literally no other thing I could ask of Gerald, a professional through and through, I count myself as very lucky to have his help.

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23rd November 2023

The Power of Saying ‘NO’

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21st November 2023

The Multitasking Mirage

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