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04th September 2023

Tech Meets Urban Planning

#SmartCities #TechForGood #UrbanInnovation #PedestrianSafety #FutureOfTransport #TfL #VisionZero

Walking in cities often feels like navigating through a labyrinth, but what if tech could simplify that maze? Transport for London (TfL) is embracing innovation by reimagining pedestrian crossings. Using sensor technology, they’ve piloted a system at 18 crossings where lights default to green for pedestrians, turning red only when an approaching vehicle is detected.

This cutting-edge “pedestrian-first” tech approach is a debut in the UK. Results are promising: not only is traffic virtually unaffected, but this smart system also enables pedestrians to save an average of 1.3 hours daily at these crossings. Plus, the tech-driven approach boosts compliance by 13%. 🚶‍♂️🟢

Safety in numbers? In 2020, London saw 868 pedestrian-related serious injuries or fatalities. By integrating tech into urban planning, the goal is to reach a zero-incident record, akin to cities like Oslo or Helsinki. 🌍🚸

As technology continues to evolve, its integration into our daily urban life becomes undeniable. It’s a gentle reminder that technology isn’t just about groundbreaking inventions; it’s also about enhancing the very fabric of our cities to make them more humane, efficient, and responsive. 🏙️👟🔍

TfL’s Vision Zero action plan.

#SmartCities #TechForGood #UrbanInnovation #PedestrianSafety #FutureOfTransport #TfL #VisionZero

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