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20th July 2023

Sustainable Air Travel

#ElectricPlanes #AviationRevolution #MITEngineering #SustainableSkies

When we thought electric cars were the future, we got electric planes! ⚡️✈️

Imagine commercial airliners soaring through the skies with zero emissions. Thanks to MIT engineers, this groundbreaking vision is becoming a reality. They’re developing a 1-megawatt motor, propelling us toward an era of electrified aviation.

This cutting-edge technology opens up avenues for hybrid or turbo-electric propulsion systems, combining electrical machines with gas turbine aero-engines. MIT’s trailblazing engineering team has designed and tested the major components of this revolutionary motor, demonstrating its incredible power. Regional aircraft could be powered by this technology, while existing jet engines could be paired with it, creating hybrid-electric propulsion systems.

Imagine a world where planes are powered by batteries, fuel cells, or a combination of both. It’s an electrifying vision that’s within our grasp.

The future is bright for sustainable air travel. ✈️✈️✈️

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#ElectricPlanes #AviationRevolution #MITEngineering #SustainableSkies

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