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06th March 2019

Need help finding the next perfect career move?

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Whether you know what job role you want to aim for, or if you are looking for a completely new career change.There is plenty to think about when it comes to looking for your next step on the career ladder!

It can seem overwhelming looking for your next career move, especially in the STEM sectors. But don’t fear, we’ve put together our top 5 areas which we believe you need to consider when you are ready to take the next big leap.

There’s so more to consider than just finding the right role and this is where InterSTEM can help

1) Make the most of your strengths

Remember that your best strengths don’t just have to be in direct relation with your chosen industry or job role. Think about all of the things you have learnt throughout your whole career, no matter how long that career has been. Be guided by what you are good at, not what you think you should be good at. Don’t force yourself into a career that doesn’t fit with who you are and what you are willing to do to learn more.

Anything you haven’t yet mastered can be learnt. A potential new employer will not be put off by you if you can clearly identify where your strengths lie and where you can develop. If anything, this shows great self-awareness.

2) Use your past to guide your future

If you are leaving one job for another, think about what you liked the most about your previous role and the business you worked for and what you liked the least. What is it about that industry that you liked? Was there anything that you didn’t enjoy? What was your biggest achievement whilst in that role?

Answering these sorts of questions will help you determine what it is you’d want from a new career, which will allow you to focus in on what makes you happy and what similar or different characteristics to look out for. Looking back at your past work is an integral part of looking for the next perfect career move, and is a great task to help you understand what it is you really want.

3) Think about your perfect work environment

This is all about the environment and culture of your prospective new career. Does this new environment match the type of place you feel comfortable working in? What’s the general work-life balance? Is there a lot of co-working? Are the team friends inside and outside of work? Is there much flexibility in the role? Are there options to work from home? These questions will help you determine whether the business is the right match for you. It’s not just about if you are a right match for them.

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions in your interview, or to do your own research beforehand. Sometimes a businesses social media profiles will give you an insight into the culture of the business.

4) Do what makes you happy

Life is too short to be in a job that makes you unhappy. We really like the idea of thinking of the type of job you’d do for free. The role that you love so much that you’d quite happily do for no pay. This really should be your dream job.

Also remember that the biggest and most extravagant offer or job title doesn’t always bring you happiness. Whilst it may impress others or look good on your LinkedIn account, if it doesn’t fulfil you or bring happiness to your life. Is it even worth doing?

5) Never stop learning

Whether your a pro in your potential new career, never stop learning. Take classes, attend workshops, read books, join seminars! There is always something new to learn, take the opportunities in life to learn from others with a different view point and background to you. All of this will help add to what you can bring to a role and, most importantly, it might highlight something new that you never realised you had a passion for! What potential employer wouldn’t want to see that in their prospective new starter?

They may seem like simple steps to remember, but when you are searching for a new role it can be easy to forget when you are taking part in multiple interviews.

Always remember to stay true to who you are, what your strengths are, what makes you happy and what you are willing to do to progress further.

If you want further advice on interviews and finding a new role, contact InterSTEM Recruitment.

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