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07th August 2023

Embrace Green Mobility

#STEMProfessionals #GreenMobility #ElectricVehicles #HydrogenCars #SustainableTransportation #Innovation #CleanEnergy #AutomotiveIndustry

Get ready for the automotive industry’s green revolution! 🚗💨 Automakers are going electric and hydrogen, and your expertise as product managers, technicians, and developers is crucial in shaping this sustainable future. 🛠️💡

Excitingly, the Inflation Reduction Act aims to cut CO2 emissions by 40% with incentives for EVs (electric vehicles) and hydrogen cars. 🌏⚡ With over 1 million new EVs projected to be sold in the US this year, your STEM skills can drive innovation in electric vehicle technologies. 🚀

Companies like Toyota target 40% electric or hybrid sales by 2025, striving for zero emissions. 🚗🍃 And hydrogen fuel cell cars are gaining traction too! 🚀💧 Your role in green hydrogen technology development is vital for achieving global net-zero goals. 🌍🔬

Join us to revolutionise the automotive industry and accelerate towards a greener world! 🌎💚

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#STEMProfessionals #GreenMobility #ElectricVehicles #HydrogenCars #SustainableTransportation #Innovation #CleanEnergy #AutomotiveIndustry

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