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08th September 2023

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#ProductManagement #MVP #TechStartups #ProductMindset #AI #UserResearch

Durable growth is rooted in understanding your customer. If you’re aiming to craft a product that genuinely resonates, it’s more than just the tech—it’s about embracing a Product Mindset. 🚀

This free eBook, “The Product Mindset” 🧠, co-created by Product School and Gainsight, sheds light on:
– The art of building personalised products that cater to core user needs 🎯
– Strategies for high-impact prioritisation driven by a mission 🌟
– The evolution of personalisation in products 🔄
– Navigating the intricacies of building trust with AI-driven products 🤖
– …and much more!

Dive into the essential facets of adopting a customer-centric approach, from user research insights to the psychology behind habit-forming products. Ready to evolve your product game?

Free eBook courtesy of Product School. 🙌

#ProductManagement #MVP #TechStartups #ProductMindset #AI #UserResearch

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