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11th July 2023

Design Evolution: From MVP to MLP

#ProductManagement #MVP #MLP #MMP #UserExperience

🎮Throwback to the days when we blew on video game cartridges to get them working!👾 The product game has shifted dramatically since then, as the keypad-less phones we now carry in our pockets show.

Today’s customers are a tough crowd!👥 They don’t just want a product, they crave an experience that delights them. 💕 Product Design has evolved in a way no one could have foreseen! 🔮

So get ready to buddy up with your design team and rethink your MVPs! That’s right, being ‘viable’ just doesn’t cut it anymore.🙅‍♂️ It’s time to aim for the heart with Minimum Lovable Products (MLPs).💘

Here’s a quick guide to help you distinguish your MVPs, MLPs, and MMPs:
🚀 MVP: Minimum Viable Product – Bare essentials needed to solve the problem, often used for testing.
❤️ MLP: Minimum Lovable Product – Like an MVP, but with a delight factor baked in through thoughtful design and UI.
💰 MMP: Minimum Marketable Product – The market-ready version of your MVP or MLP.

Your MVP might get you into the game, but your MLP will win you love. Remember, it’s not about impressing everyone, but about delighting the right people.🎯

#ProductManagement #MVP #MLP #MMP #UserExperience

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