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12th July 2023

Decoding ChatGPT Integration

#ProductManagement #ChatGPT #AI

🏄‍♀️ Navigating the AI wave: Should we ride the ChatGPT surfboard?

In the dynamic AI landscape, how do product managers decide if the buzz-worthy ChatGPT should be integrated into their products? 🤔 Senior product manager Todd Lewandowski has an answer!

He’s boiled it down to a 4-step framework:
1️⃣ Describe the Technology: Understand its intricacies and blind spots.
2️⃣ Abstract to Use Cases: Explore how it can tackle problems or offer unseen solutions.
3️⃣ Abstract to Segments: Identify who would use it and how frequently.
4️⃣ Abstract to Mission-Vision: Assess how it adds value to society and fits into the bigger picture.

Lewandowski’s guide focuses on decisions that primarily benefit users and resonate with the company’s mission, rather than jumping on the bandwagon or being swayed by novelty. 🎈

While AI can turbocharge productivity and pave the way for rapid prototyping, it’s just the starting line in the marathon of great writing, not the finish line. 🏁

Use this method when evaluating your next big tech integration.

Read more in Lewandowski’s full blog post.

#ProductManagement #ChatGPT #AI

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