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16th June 2023

Celebrating the Art of Product Management and Continuous Learning

Behind remarkable products lies the dedication and honed skills of product teams. Hard work, expertise, and continuous training pave the way for innovation. Today, we acknowledge the unwavering commitment and growth mindset that propels us forward and keep shaping the future of products.

And what better way to honour growth than to shout out this exceptional guide for product managers, courtesy of Mind the Product? Let’s climb the product management career ladder!

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05th December 2023

Popcorn Paradox

In the labyrinth of artificial intelligence, we\'re grappling with a fundamental question – Are we equipped to accurately measure AI\'s intelligence? 🌐🔍 🧩 Analogical Reasoning Challenge: AI\'s prowess in an...
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23rd November 2023

The Power of Saying ‘NO’

In the high-stakes world of project management, saying \'No\' might just be the most underutilised tool in a PM\'s arsenal. 🚫🛠️ While project managers are often celebrated for their problem-solving skills and ...
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21st November 2023

The Multitasking Mirage

Project Managers, are you truly multitasking or just spinning your wheels? 🤹 It\'s time to debunk a popular myth. Multitasking is often glorified as a superpower. But, what if it\'s actually your kryptonite? 🦸...
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