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30th June 2023

Brain Data: A Double-Edged Sword in Court?

#Neuroscience #BrainStimulation #Ethics #DataPrivacy #FutureTech #InterSTEM

👁‍🗨 Your brain data could be the star witness in your next court case.

Advances in brain stimulation technology, recently showcased at a scientific conference, are raising as many legal questions as they are medical breakthroughs.

While these technologies are revolutionising treatments for conditions like Parkinson’s and depression, they’re also generating unprecedented amounts of personal brain data. This data, much like heart data in Ross Compton’s controversial court case, could potentially be used in legal proceedings.

As we stand on the brink of a new era where brain implants could optimise our mental abilities, we must not overlook the ethical implications. The more we reveal about our minds, the more we risk exposing them.

It’s time we all asked: how do we protect our most private information in this brave new world?

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#Neuroscience #BrainStimulation #Ethics #DataPrivacy #FutureTech #InterSTEM

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