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07th July 2023

AI Ethics & Technology Implementation

#AI #Ethics #AlgorithmicTransparency #InterSTEM

A call for AI ethics! An algorithm designed to combat poverty in Jordan might be inadvertently excluding those most in need.

Developed with funding from the World Bank, the algorithm intended to identify families deserving financial aid appears to be doing more harm than good. According to Human Rights Watch, its oversimplification of complex socioeconomic indicators could lead to inaccurate categorisations, depriving some of the crucial assistance.

This case highlights a pressing need for transparency and scrutiny in the use of AI, especially in decision-making that directly affects people’s lives. It serves as a reminder of the critical role AI ethics plays in technology implementation.

AI is a powerful tool, but without careful oversight, it can have unintended consequences. Let’s continue the dialogue for responsible AI.

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#AI #Ethics #AlgorithmicTransparency #InterSTEM

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