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03rd July 2023

AI: Boon or Bane of the Digital World?

#AI #Personalisation #ProductManagement #UserPrivacy #AIStorm #WebChaos #FightFakeNews #InterSTEM

AI is both a boon and a bane for the digital world. 🌐💻

Start-ups and established companies alike are embracing AI and machine learning to craft more personalised user experiences. However, as we steer towards personalisation, we must be cautious of overstepping into the realm of invasive, risking user privacy.

Navigating this tightrope between personalisation and privacy is a pressing challenge for many product managers today. How do we uphold user trust while creating engaging, personalised experiences? 🤔🔐

Meanwhile, AI is also feeding a digital tsunami of low-quality content. Programmatic advertising is inadvertently fuelling a deluge of AI-generated ‘junk’ websites. These sites are bursting with machine-made text, fostering a whirlpool of deceptive content that threatens to engulf the digital world. 🌪️🌐

Average internet users are now sailing an ocean of fake news and clickbait headlines. Finding islands of factual content is an escalating challenge as the tide of misinformation swells. We must brace ourselves for a glitchy, spammy future, where distinguishing fact from fiction is an Everest-high task! ⛰️📰

The battle to preserve our digital oceans clean, reliable, and respectful of user privacy is ON. Can we find the balance?

#AI #Personalisation #ProductManagement #UserPrivacy #AIStorm #WebChaos #FightFakeNews #InterSTEM

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