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28th June 2023

Accelerating Drug Discovery with AI

#AI #DrugDiscovery #HealthcareInnovation #InterSTEM

Imagine speeding up drug discovery with AI’s help – it’s happening right now! 🚀

AI and machine learning are revolutionising the way we understand and interact with potential drug targets. Companies like Insilico Medicine and Recursion are leading the way, using AI to design new drugs and analyse massive amounts of data.

AI’s application extends to tackling the enduring ‘protein folding problem’. Rather than modelling each atom or bond individually, AI harnesses pattern recognition to predict protein structures, paving the way for rapid drug discovery.

Plus, AI is helping us address ‘neglected’ diseases, impacting populations that need treatments the most. It’s a new era of faster, smarter drug discovery.

Join us in exploring this exciting intersection of technology and healthcare! 🧬💊💻


#AI #DrugDiscovery #HealthcareInnovation #InterSTEM

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