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05th July 2023

A Dance between Chaos & Order

#Neuroscience #BrainDynamics #NeurologicalDisorders #HealthTech #InterSTEM

Embracing both chaos and order might be our brains’ secret to success. 🧠💡

A groundbreaking neuroscience experiment by Ghuman and Wang from the University of Pittsburgh has revealed our brains in a continual dance between chaos and stability, assisting us in deciphering the world. 🌍🕺

The research indicates that our brains don’t simply shift from one activity pattern to another. Instead, they appear to dart chaotically through several intermediary states before settling. This surprising behaviour may be a key to treating neurological disorders. 💊💡

By understanding the “dance” of a healthy brain, scientists could harness electrical stimulation as a tool to manage conditions like epilepsy. ⚡🧠

This promising research is still budding, with plans to extend to children’s brains and explore connections to our circadian rhythms. 🌙⏰

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#Neuroscience #BrainDynamics #NeurologicalDisorders #HealthTech #InterSTEM

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